Amara Cares Board Meeting Summary

Amara Cares Board Meeting Summary

Amara Cares Inc.
Organizations’ Annual Meeting: December 26, 2016.
Addendum to Amara Cares Mission, Goals and Activities.

On December 26, 2016, the Board of Directors of Amara Cares had a four hour Conference Meeting and agreed on the following Amendments to the Organization’s Statement of Purpose and Plan of Action:

1. Since the first five years of this non- profit organization have been full of challenges for many reasons, the board adjusted the mission statement and activities to include:
Partnership with a few organizations (locally and internationally), that focus on the needs of families, especially the future of the youths. The board chose to start with two nonprofit organizations in Nigeria, namely, Mind Movers Initiative and Passionate Care Foundation. (See their websites for details). In line with Amara Cares Passion for preventing unnecessary wastes in the western world, forming partnership with Passionate Care Foundation (already involved in item distribution to local women in rural areas of Ondo State in Nigera), our goal achievement will be easily enhanced.

2. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Projects: Amara Cares will continue to sponsor the needy as deemed necessary in unusual situations. Such recent activities sponsored by Amara Cares include:
(a) An unemployed couple with a set of two-year old twins and an additional quadruplets. For two years now Amara Cares has been sending this family a monthly cash of $200 to keep the six children alive. (Testimonials from family available).
(b) Five Pathetic Widows and their families: These abused families have received different kinds of help ranging from paying for eye surgery , shelter, to sponsoring some of their troubled kids in special life saving programs.
(c) Empowerment: Amara Cares has been involved in supporting and redirecting some depressed and suicidal jobless college graduates to regain their self esteem and now working towards self-employment.
(d) Abuse Prevention: Amara Cares has rescued about six needy young female college students from exploitation by wealthy older men, so called ” sugar daddies”, who pay their school fees in exchange for sex. Two of those victims are now happily married, while the rest are still in school sponsored partially by Amara Cares.

3. Postponing the Protein Project: Amara Cares original plan of collecting, dry-packing and sending protein food items to schools, hospitals and motherless baby institutions in West Africa, faced many challenges and had to be postponed. This will be restarted when the organization is financially able to do so.

4. Engaging in local activities: Amara Cares plans to raise funds locally in partnership with some hospitals to support cancer patients (mothers), undergoing chemotherapy. Some of them need child care, accommodation and help with small bills not covered by their insurance. The period after chemotherapy is very challenging and most mothers need a break from family. Amara Cares will be there for them.

5. Other Causes of Interest to Amara Cares Inc.: in addition to the activities mentioned above, the board members accepted to extend the organization’s area of interest to include Sickle Cell Disease related activities. Educational Activities for disadvantaged children in target areas.

The above is a summary of the board of directors’ annual meeting and the decisions agreed upon for the next few year. All four members signed this document making it the official stand of the organization.

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Dr. Mother Love

Helping an Unemployed Couple Blessed with Quadruplets: A Worthy Cause

I prayed deeply on New Year’s Eve and meditated on the tasks ahead for Amara, and our non-profit organization’s Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Project for this coming year. After, I went to see what was trending on Facebook. On one of the blogs I follow, a headline popped up and caught my attention: an unemployed couple blessed with Quadruplates in addition to the two-and-half year old twins they already have.
My heart was touched right away, and being a mother of twins myself, I could relate to the family’s situation. I went straight to the link for details.
What I admired most about this brave couple are as follows:
  • They are College/University educated.
  • They have been job-hunting without success for over five years after graduation; they started a local farm to keep food on the table.
  • They were childless for the first three years of their marriage. They saw this as a blessing in disguise and were not worried, unlike most newly-married couples in our society with pressures and expectations on them to have children right away.
    They are close and faithful to each other and to God.
  • They live in a one-bedroom, affordable apartment in a “boys’ quarter”, a section of buildings set aside for servants. Even when the twins arrived, they still could not afford to move. Now that there are eight in their family, they still live in that one-bedroom apartment, an unhealthy situation.
  • The news of three babies on the way, and finally the arrival of the four would have been enough to scare any man in the father’s position and perhaps push him into make rash decisions, like abandoning the family, joining armed robbers in Nigeria, or other dubious fast money-making choices. Instead, the father of the quadruplets remained steadfast with his farming and  faithful, supportive, and thankful to God. He borrowed from friends and relatives and paid them back when he could–a great young man of integrity indeed!

As for this brave wife:

  • She is a strong woman, managing with meager resources: twins and now four more, with inadequate prenatal care, nutrition, or comfortable accommodations, yet she was able to carry the pregnancy to a survival stage. She coped with labor pains and delivered the babies without complications, although the were born premature. She popped them out one at a time and when she thought they were only three, a fourth one came out. What is more miraculous than this?
  • Now she is home managing six babies.The home, I can imagine, is most unfit for those delicate babies, and I pray they do not develop respiratory problems, typical for premature babies, even in excellent settings. I am holding my breath for them.
    From the interview, this mom described how she breast feeds the babies in turns and sometimes, two at the same time. I hope she makes enough milk to go around, even with her poor nutritional status.
My dear readers of this blog, I know you must be equally touched by this story, and you will join me in keeping these miraculous babies alive. This family is one example of the families in need that assists. Our first task is to move the family into better accommodations, provide funds for baby formula, clothes, and adequate nutrition for this nursing mother and her children. Once they are stable, we can embark on how to help the husband get a job or expand and upgrade his farming business.
Amara Cares is committed to this noble cause and helping such families in need like this one, and we invite you to join in the cause by donating as your heart prompts you to enable us come to their rescue right away.
As a saying goes:
Helping self is great.
Helping friends and family is even greater.
Helping a stranger is purely angelic.
Be part of this noble act.
We have contacted the couple directly in Nigeria, and are beginning to discuss our plans and how best to achieve our goal to help needy families such as this one.
Amara Cares’ RAK projects seek to address the needs of desperate individuals and families in West Africa, one family at a time.
Please  go to our website,,  and make your donation now to help save the lives of these struggling families.Thank you for caring. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate people in West Africa.
–Dr. Mother Love

Helping the Kidnapped Chibok School Girls in Nigeria

AmaraCares is committed to raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence, rapes, and other forms of sexual assault, especially in West Africa.

With this, we embark on a campaign to help the Kidnapped Chibok School Girls who are still held by Boko Haram insurgents. Did you know that last week it was reported that one of the girls was found dumped by the kidnappers and roaming about in a village bush, confused, 4-months pregnant, and with signs of physical abuse all over her body? Click here to read the story.

I am sure many more will show up in a similar way and our leaders are not doing much. I cried about this sad news and felt like finding a way to get her over to the US to have the baby.

Join us in raising funds for these girls and their families as we arrange to ship used clothes, toys, and essential items those in need.

Donate now!

AmaraCares–Dr. Amara Anne Onujiogu

AmaraCares Nonprofit, Founder Mission Statement

DMLPictureAmara Cares Mission Statement:

Amara Cares is a non-profit organization committed to feeding the hungry in West Africa by sending dry-packed, protein-rich care packages to hospitals and elementary schools. Our purpose is to “turn waste into grace” by eliminating unnecessary waste during the collection, processing, and delivery of our protein packs. Care packages consist of protein-rich food donated by local restaurants in the Chicago area. By partnering with local restaurants, Amara Cares reduces unnecessary waste and eliminates added shipping costs by dry-packing its care packages.

Additionally, Amara Cares is committed to raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence, rape, and other forms of sexual assault, especially in West Africa.

As part of the Organization’s Random Act of Kindness Project (RAK), is raising funds to support families in need.

Please donate generously!