Monthly Archives: July 2014 Mission Statement

DMLPictureAmara Cares Mission Statement:

Amara Cares is a non-profit organization committed to feeding the hungry in West Africa by sending dry-packed, protein-rich care packages to hospitals and elementary schools. Our purpose is to “turn waste into grace” by eliminating unnecessary waste during the collection, processing, and delivery of our protein packs. Care packages consist of protein-rich food donated by local restaurants in the Chicago area. By partnering with local restaurants, Amara Cares reduces unnecessary waste and eliminates added shipping costs by dry-packing its care packages.

Additionally, Amara Cares is committed to raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence, rape, and other forms of sexual assault, especially in West Africa.

As part of the Organization’s Random Act of Kindness Project (RAK), is raising funds to support families in need.

Please donate generously!