Helping the Kidnapped Chibok School Girls in Nigeria

AmaraCares is committed to raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence, rapes, and other forms of sexual assault, especially in West Africa.

With this, we embark on a campaign to help the Kidnapped Chibok School Girls who are still held by Boko Haram insurgents. Did you know that last week it was reported that one of the girls was found dumped by the kidnappers and roaming about in a village bush, confused, 4-months pregnant, and with signs of physical abuse all over her body? Click here to read the story.

I am sure many more will show up in a similar way and our leaders are not doing much. I cried about this sad news and felt like finding a way to get her over to the US to have the baby.

Join us in raising funds for these girls and their families as we arrange to ship used clothes, toys, and essential items those in need.

Donate now!

AmaraCares–Dr. Amara Anne Onujiogu

AmaraCares Nonprofit, Founder


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