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Amara Cares Board Meeting Summary

Amara Cares Board Meeting Summary

Amara Cares Inc.
Organizations’ Annual Meeting: December 26, 2016.
Addendum to Amara Cares Mission, Goals and Activities.

On December 26, 2016, the Board of Directors of Amara Cares had a four hour Conference Meeting and agreed on the following Amendments to the Organization’s Statement of Purpose and Plan of Action:

1. Since the first five years of this non- profit organization have been full of challenges for many reasons, the board adjusted the mission statement and activities to include:
Partnership with a few organizations (locally and internationally), that focus on the needs of families, especially the future of the youths. The board chose to start with two nonprofit organizations in Nigeria, namely, Mind Movers Initiative and Passionate Care Foundation. (See their websites for details). In line with Amara Cares Passion for preventing unnecessary wastes in the western world, forming partnership with Passionate Care Foundation (already involved in item distribution to local women in rural areas of Ondo State in Nigera), our goal achievement will be easily enhanced.

2. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Projects: Amara Cares will continue to sponsor the needy as deemed necessary in unusual situations. Such recent activities sponsored by Amara Cares include:
(a) An unemployed couple with a set of two-year old twins and an additional quadruplets. For two years now Amara Cares has been sending this family a monthly cash of $200 to keep the six children alive. (Testimonials from family available).
(b) Five Pathetic Widows and their families: These abused families have received different kinds of help ranging from paying for eye surgery , shelter, to sponsoring some of their troubled kids in special life saving programs.
(c) Empowerment: Amara Cares has been involved in supporting and redirecting some depressed and suicidal jobless college graduates to regain their self esteem and now working towards self-employment.
(d) Abuse Prevention: Amara Cares has rescued about six needy young female college students from exploitation by wealthy older men, so called ” sugar daddies”, who pay their school fees in exchange for sex. Two of those victims are now happily married, while the rest are still in school sponsored partially by Amara Cares.

3. Postponing the Protein Project: Amara Cares original plan of collecting, dry-packing and sending protein food items to schools, hospitals and motherless baby institutions in West Africa, faced many challenges and had to be postponed. This will be restarted when the organization is financially able to do so.

4. Engaging in local activities: Amara Cares plans to raise funds locally in partnership with some hospitals to support cancer patients (mothers), undergoing chemotherapy. Some of them need child care, accommodation and help with small bills not covered by their insurance. The period after chemotherapy is very challenging and most mothers need a break from family. Amara Cares will be there for them.

5. Other Causes of Interest to Amara Cares Inc.: in addition to the activities mentioned above, the board members accepted to extend the organization’s area of interest to include Sickle Cell Disease related activities. Educational Activities for disadvantaged children in target areas.

The above is a summary of the board of directors’ annual meeting and the decisions agreed upon for the next few year. All four members signed this document making it the official stand of the organization.

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