Sometimes the solutions for the most difficult problems plaguing the world can be found in the most simple approach to solving them. The most fundamental goal of Amara Cares is to find the most efficient ways of getting food to those of us who are most in need of it. Our method involves the “3R” approach: Recycle, Redistribute & Replenish.


The Amara Cares motto of “Turning Waste to Grace” is a key element of our approach to combating World Hunger. Our method is to compile donations & unwanted material (ie. mainly food at this time) & finding creative ways to prepare it for those in need who are living in developing countries. Using specialized methods of dry packing protein based foods, we preserve them & ensure freshness.


After the process of collecting donated food & creating protein packs, the next step is to distribute these “recycled” items to developing countries. Amara Cares will be working with various Transportation based corporations that will be assisting the shipment of the “recycled” foods to designated locations around the globe. Amara Cares is in the process of establishing reception & distribution centers located in Developing Countries that will handle the process of delivering items to those most in need.


This final step in the process speaks for itself. By having the more fortunate members of our globalized community recycle & redistribute basic food to those who are less fortunate. We then replenish the world & re-establish the fundamental connection that we all share as inhabitants of the ever changing world.


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